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Drive-Thru Supper UPDATE

Good News!

Charlotte's Catering has let us know that we can increase the number of dinners available from 150 to 225. As of Friday, we have sold 177 meals.

So if you would like to order a Turkey Dinner, we are extending our ordering deadline for a couple of days until the remaining tickets are sold. To order a ticket: please contact Laurie at the Church Office. If you are leaving a voicemail, please let her know your name, how many dinners you'd like, your method of payment (etransfer or cheque) and your phone number - and then Laurie will call you back to confirm your order and give you the etransfer address if needed.

People have been calling and placing orders all weekend, so if you are interested in participating in our Drive-Thru Fall Supper, we suggest that you contact us ASAP.

Thank you to everyone who has already placed their order. We really appreciate your support of this fundraiser!

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