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Room Rentals

Occasional Rentals for birthdays, anniversaries, showers, meetings:

Rooms Available:



- $45/hr to a max of $250/day

- Max of 250 people seated without tables, 150 seated with tables


St. James room

- $36/hr to a max of $150/day

- Max of 30 people seated without tables, 20 seated with tables


Room 7/8

- $36/hr to a max of $150/day

- Max of 40 people seated without tables, 25 seated with tables

Room 5

- $18/hr to a max of $100/day

- Max of 15 people seated without tables, 8 seated with tables


- $18/hr to a max of $100/day

- Max of 10 people, couch and chairs


- $30/hr if kitchen only rented

- If required in addition to other room rental, $30 for events 4hrs or less, $60 for events lasting more than 4 hours.

- Meals cannot be prepared in the kitchen

For all rooms:
  • Damage deposit of $100 (cash or cheque) is required when renter picks up access keys a couple of days prior to event. If no damages, the deposit will be returned when the access keys are returned a couple of days after the event.

  • Total rental amount is required (cash, cheque, e-transfer) when renter picks up access keys.

  • Tables and Chairs are included in the rental fee. Renter is responsible for set-up and take down.

  • All renters must be out of the building prior to 11:15pm.

  • No inflatable bouncers are allowed in the church or on the church property.

  • No beer or hard alcohol can be consumed in the church or on the church property. If you wish to serve wine at your event, Heritage Council will have to grant approval and renter is responsible for obtaining a Special Events Liability Certificate of Insurance.

Regular Rentals for groups and organizations:

Please contact the church to discuss if we can accommodate your group's needs.

The Centrum decorated for a child's birthday party.
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