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Re: Oct. 18 Worship Service

Read Me Please... Hello everyone! (it's Rev. Joy) As we did a dry run for Sunday's service, we realized that Youtube and Facebook aren't fully integrated so here's how to watch Sunday's service at 10 AM via a watch party with all your church friends: 1) At 9:58 AM, Rev. Joy will share the YouTube link on our Facebook page (facebook.com/HUCRegina). It will look something like this... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=135r8CmLleA... (note: there won't be a picture, just the link) 2) Click on the link and you will be joining Rev. Joy for a YouTube watch party. You'll be able to write comments and share the experience with your church friends, just like we do with Facebook live. 3) At 10 AM, Rev. Joy will start playing the video and we can watch it all together. 4) The above format works, but in case something happens and you have trouble joining the watch party, know that you can also find the video for the church service on our webpage: heritageunitedchurchregina.ca THANK YOU!! SEE YOU SUNDAY!!!

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